Mustard ‘Red Giant’

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Product: Mustard ‘Red Giant’
Retailer: Sarah Raven

Mustard ‘Red Giant’ is lovely as a baby leaf, raw or cooked in stir fries and soups. This is the spiciest of the mustard leaves and tastes of horseradish.

Sow these little and often and use them in a baby leaf salad, or full size in stir fries. I love a winter salad made up of these mixed with milder lettuce, topped with a crispy skinned and succulent duck breast.

They look and taste fantastic and will grow outside through the winter, even under snow.

Easy for beginners

  • Genus: Brassica juncea
  • Variety: Mustard ‘Red Giant’
  • Type: Hardy Annual
  • Product Code: 080083
  • Quantity: 400 seeds
  • Site: Most soil types, however this is best in fertile well-drained soil.
  • Sowing: Sow February-May and August-October
  • Height: Best cropped at 15cm (6in), but will grow to twice the size.
  • Spacing: 3cm for cut-and-come-again salad, 20cm for whole plant for stir-fry.
  • Care tips: Protect late sown seeds with a cloche.
  • Harvest: March-April and August-October. 4-6 weeks from sowing.
  • Leaf Production: 2-3 months per sowing. Keep picking regularly to prevent flowers running to seed.
  • Cooking Notes: Like all salad leaves, immerse the leaves in cold water for five minutes after picking to plump them up. For milder leaves, pick young.