Mustard ‘Red Frills’

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Product: Mustard ‘Red Frills’
Retailer: Sarah Raven

Mustard ‘Red Frills’ is a brand new red mustard variety which looks good with it’s serrated red leaves and tastes distinctly of freshly cooked new potatoes. Fantastic.
You can sow these oriental red mustards little and often and eat them as mini micro greens, or let them grow on a few centimetres in leaf size and use them in a baby leaf salad. Or use them full size in stir fries.
Learn how to sow, when to pick and what to grow for winter salads in our How To section of the website.

  • Easy for beginners
  • Product Code: 080075
  • Quantity: 250 seeds
  • Genus: Brassica juncea, Sinapis alba
  • Variety: Mustard ‘Red Frills’
  • Type: Hardy Annual
  • Site: This prefers cool sun and moist soil.
  • Sowing: February-May and August-October outside, or all year round on a warm windowsill in a seed tray.
  • Spacing: 10-15cm for cut-and-come-again, 30cm if you want large leaves.
  • Care tips: The flowers on Mustard ‘Red Frills’ are edible. Protect with cloches from winter frosts if growing outside.
  • Harvest: March-April and August-October, 6-8 weeks from sowing, all year round
  • Leaf production: 3-4 months