Mosser Glass Terrarium

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Product: Mosser Glass Terrarium
Retailer: Mosser
brand: Mosser

The Mosser is a small glass terrarium filled with a simple round moss ball. The Mosser comes with a glass mister bottle used to feed your plant. They are very easy to care for and only need to be sprayed once every two weeks with filtered water.

The Mosser is handmade to order. Please allow up to ten business days for your Mosser to be made.

Ships only in the U.S.!

Moss has been around for 350 million years, and thrives in humid CO2-rich micro-environments. Moss absorbs water and nutrients through their leaves. They differ from ‘higher’ plants by not having internal water-bearing vessels, and no flowers and therefore no fruits, cones or seeds.

We use different variations of sheet mosses (primarily hypnum imponens) which thrive in shade, but will also tolerate dappled sunlight (not extended direct afternoon sun).