Monterey Teak Outdoor Sofa/ Teak Warehouse

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Product: Monterey Teak Outdoor Sofa/ Teak Warehouse
Retailer: Landstylist

I actually have this sofa on our roof in Brooklyn, and what I like is that it’s modern, comfortable, simple and clean and has aged very well. We don’t even cover it or bring it in. They have tons of styles and a lot of their furniture is lightweight and made to be able to be moved around with ease.  Here is what I say: spend a little on a sofa. Make it simple, timeless, something you won’t tire of, that is made of durable materials that you don’t need to cover. Teak is great because you can oil it every 2 years and it looks pretty spectacular. Just make sure it’s not too big for your space. 

Dimensions:  L79xW38xH35