Mme Pierre Oger

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Product: Mme Pierre Oger

A sport of “˜La Reine Victoria’, with the same perfect, chalice-shaped, shell-like flowers. Their colour is a pale creamy blush, giving the flowers a refinement that exceeds even its parent. These may become speckled in wet weather. Richly fragrant. Narrow, upright growth. Very perpetual, although susceptible to disease. 5 x 3 ft. (Verdier 1878).

  • Category : Old Roses (Bourbons)
  • Bred By : Verdier
  • Colour : Silvery-pink
  • Flower Type : Double/Full Bloom
  • Size : Medium Shrub
  • Hardiness : Hardy
  • Fragrance : Rich, Strong
  • Repeating : Excellent