Microgarden Indoor Garden Kit

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Product: Microgarden Indoor Garden Kit
Retailer: Dwell
brand: Infarm
Designer: Tomorrow Machine

This garden kit is a foldable, indoor greenhouse. Created by Infarm with partner Tomorrow Machine, the innovative garden allows you to grow vegetable sprouts in your home. Inspired by origami, the kit folds into a miniature greenhouse that is made of a transparent waterproof material, allowing users to watch the entire growing process. The kit is designed for growing Microgreens, a collection of vegetable seeds that yield small plants, perfect for apartments and small spaces. Microgreens taste like fully grown plants, but offer up to forty times more vitamins and nutrients than mature plants. Within one to two weeks of planting in the greenhouse, Microgreens are ready to eat without having to water even one time. The kit includes everything needed to start growing including the foldable greenhouse, agar agar powder, three varieties of organic seeds, and detailed instructions.

  • Item Number: #12368


  • Package: 21.2 ” H x 2.75″ W x 2.75″ D
  • Open: 22″ H x 18.9″ W
  • Materials: recyclable waterproof material, seeds
  • Made in: Germany

Brand : Infarm was established to bring urban communities the ability to grow fresh produce in people’s homes and apartments. Originally a futuristic concept, this movement is taking shape in Berlin. Infarm originally began as a pipe garden in founders Erez and Guy Galonska’s living room and grew to an international company with a multidisciplinary team of professionals. The company has created a vertical hydroponic garden to communicate with small urban spaces.