Micro-Greens Grow Box

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Product: Micro-Greens Grow Box
Retailer: Anthropologie
Color: Blue, Green

The sleek recycled steel box contains a soilless growing medium, two full crops of seeds, a bamboo lid, and directions. Sowing, sprouting, growing and harvesting your mini-field of salad-ready, USDA-certified organic sprouts will take just 7-14 days. Made in Idaho.

The Spice Kit grows Japanese mustard, daikon radish and edible chrysanthemum sprouts. The Veggie Kit grows red cabbage, mini-carrot greens, and tom thumb pea greens.

  • Spice Kit: Chrysanthemum Coronarium (Shungiku Chrysanthemum). Brassica Rapa Nipposinica var. nipposinica (Japanese Mibuna Mustard), Raphanus Sativus var. longipinnatus (Daikon Radish)
  • Veggie Kit: Brassica oleracea sabauda (Red Acre Cabbage), Daucus Carota (Mini-Carrot Greens). Pisum Sativun (Tom Thumb Pea Greens)
  • 18″ L x 3″ W x 2.25″ H
  • USA

Prices range from $8.00 to $40.00