Mexican Fencepost Cactus

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Product: Mexican Fencepost Cactus
Retailer: Martinag

Mexican Fencepost Cactus Rooted plant 14″ and 13″

The plant you will receive is a healthy Mexican Fencepost cactus growing well. The picture shows two stems but you can choose one or the other or both, either 13″ or 14 “. Please be aware that if you purchase both,  the shipping may be higher due to increased weight.  Please wait for an invoice if you are purchasing both.

The Mexican Fencepost cactus is native to southern mexico. This cactus requires little watering, loves full sunlight and is cold hardy down to 20F. It is a beautiful columnar specimen and can grow up to 15f tall and 6f wide. It has a smooth green skin with narrow bands of short white spines that make it look almost stripy.

 Care must be taken with this cactus not to let the soil get too moist over a prolonged period as rot may occur or if in the shade. The Mexican fencepost as the name implies can be used as a natural fence, it also produces a pretty pink flower followed by small fruit. Overall one of the most attractive columnar cacti available.

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