Medium Fibreclay Chelsea Cylinder

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Product: Medium Fibreclay Chelsea Cylinder

Fibreclay is produced via an innovative and patented process that combines fibre recovered from the waste material of pulp mills with clay. The result is an extremely solid material with rigidity similar to that of plywood.

Fibreclay is particularly suitable for use in planters as it is extremely durable, frost & UV resistant and almost impervious to the effects of weathering. Whilst fibreclay planters are closer in weight than their fiberglass equivalents to lead planters, they are still lightweight enough to make them easily portable.

Another major benefit of fibreclay planters is that they are extremely environmentally friendly. In addition to being produced from waste materials, the energy usage in manufacture is only 10% of that for planters in other ceramics and plastics.

  • Fibreclay Chelsea Cylinders
  • Faux Lead effect
  • Classic Design
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Frost & UV resistant
  • Extremely sturdy
  • Low maintenance