Maven Compost Bin

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Product: Maven Compost Bin
Retailer: KIOSK

Holly began making backyard compost bins sometime after running the largest compost facility in Vermont. She knows her stuff. Maven bins are animal proof and, as she says in the voice of an expert, just put anything that is organic in there and you are golden, or you have “black gold” as some people like to call their compost. The bin is made of sustainably harvested white cedar which is naturally rot resistant and given that it is open to the elements there is no need to water your pile, nature takes care of that for you. Maven is owned by a woman, working with a female carpenter and a nice gal owns the saw mill that supplies the wood. All purely coincidental. It’s best to have two bins, one that is active and one that is dormant, supplying the stock. Last note, there is a magical side door that makes it easy to scoop stuff out; top door for dropping in left-overs. Compost! Feed your garden and save money and know you contribute less waste! Comes flat packed with easy assembly instructions.

Eastern White Cedar, Galvanized Steel Hardware
Vermont, USA