Matte Black Industrial Style Ceiling Light

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Product: Matte Black Industrial Style Ceiling Light
Color: Black
Designer: Terme
Retailer: Terra Lumi

Factory -style ceiling light with glass cover 46410


  • This outdoor light by Terme is available both as ceiling and as a pendant lamp .
  • Material: Aluminium Gravity Casting and -druckguss , extruded aluminum and aluminum plate . The individual aluminum parts are subjected to anti-corrosion processes that guarantee maximum longevity .
  • Diffuser: blown glass cylinder ( glass cover ) with bayonet lock
  • Screws: stainless steel
  • Cabling : Porcelain lamp holder E27 up to 150W , silicone cables , nylon terminal block
  • Treatment : corrosion protection , cathodic electrophoresis
  • Coating: polyester powder coating. These baking enamels are solvent free , high strength, UV – radiation and weather resistant and therefore offer long-term protection in outdoor areas.
  • Application: Ceiling installation with fixing screws
  • Glass : The hand-blown crash is available in clear or frosted glass .