Mason Cash Cane Dog Bowl

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Product: Mason Cash Cane Dog Bowl
Retailer: Amazon
brand: Mason Cash

This mason cash cane dog bowl is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Raised letters spell out “dog.” original cane color with glossy finish. 6-inch diameter and 2 1/2-inch tall. Made from heavy stoneware, this bowl is durable, practical and difficult to tip over, it also maintains the food or water temperature longer and the thicker lip of the bowl is chip and bite resistant. Dishwasher safe. Part of the mason cash cane pet ware line. As iconic and recognizable as the cane mixing bowls, the cane pet ware has been in the range almost as long and is used by pets all over the world. Every item within the range has been specifically developed with pets and their eating habits in mind which is probably why mason cash bowls are so high on the priority list of pet lovers. Mason cash – high quality pottery, for over a hundred years.

  • Dog bowl; genuine mason cash design and build
  • 6-Inch diameter, 2-1/2-Inch tall; classic cane color
  • Made of heavy stoneware
  • Increased material weight stops the bowl from being tipped over
  • Dishwasher safe; original Mason Cash – high quality pottery, for over a hundred years