Marlowe Lunchbag with Lunch Palette

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Product: Marlowe Lunchbag with Lunch Palette
Retailer: Peg and Awl

This reusable brown bag constructed of waxed canvas – ideal for carrying lunches or snacks, is paired here with our new Cheese Palette and Knife, made from reclaimed Hickory, which fits perfectly in the bottom.MARLOWE LUNCHBAG:The inspiration for our version of the classic brown bag is the result of being acquainted with one Katie Marlowe, ever-responsible for filling our otherwise dusty mailbox with letters, and stuffing words, notes and quotes in the lunches of her husband and kids. The handwritten note is a stranger these days, so we have created a pocket lunch bag to remind mothers, fathers and sweethearts to put a little more than lunch into the bag.Roll down. Wipe clean. Use and use again…


  • 8 inches / 20.32 cm wide
  • 12 inches / 30.48 cm tall
  • 5 inches / 12.7 cm wide
  • Palette Measures: 5″ x 7 3/4″
  • Knife : 6.5″