Manufactum Larch-Wood Gardener’s Table

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Product: Manufactum Larch-Wood Gardener’s Table
Retailer: Manufactum

Larch-wood, working surface of galvanized steel.

Height 100 cm, width 90 cm, depth 44 cm. Working height 90 cm. 15 kg.

The Gardeners”˜ Work Table

You”˜ve seen them in garden centres – work tables specially designed for transplanting, pricking out and generally caring for plants. Our good-looking table has been produced for us by a firm of south-west Germany furnituremakers in a smaller size for private use. The 3-sided working surface is of nickel-plated steel (81 x 38 cm) and easy to clean. Underneath is a rectangular basin, with straight edges and two drain-away holes, for standing the plants. The table, despite its generous working surface, will fit easily on to all but the smallest balconies. The frame is of weather-resistant larch-wood – this will turn grey in time if left outside, a process that can be delayed by varnishing. To put the table up all you need is the six-sided key enclosed with the Instructions for Assembly.