Manufactum Beechwood Fruit Rack

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Product: Manufactum Beechwood Fruit Rack
Retailer: Manufactum

9 slats at a distance of 1.8 cm. Height 15.5 cm, width 50 cm, depth 30 cm. Weight 2.3 kg.

Storage racks for cellar and kitchen.

Our beechwood racks are specially designed to be easy to carry, and are stackable, both upwards and sideways. A special non-slip construction ensures that they remain steady when stacked. All racks have a wide front opening and two handy side holes, but within this basic format there are useful variations. One type has been designed for storing fruit and vegetables. Another is for wine or fruit-juice bottles. Finally there is a flat type with a wire bottom for drying mushrooms and herbs, and separate solid inserts that you can add to the fruit racks if you need to close the bottoms to stop things falling through.