Magnolia x ‘Fran Smith’

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Product: Magnolia x ‘Fran Smith’

A little known magnolia that has remained about as hard to find as a chicken with teeth. Fortunately, we’ve finally managed to propagate enough to offer a few this season. So what’s the big deal you may be asking? Well, each leaf is boldly variegated with cream and white splashes providing an eye-catching and irresistible display throughout the growing season. The foliage pattern is relatively stable and holds up much better than other variegated magnolia’s in sunny exposures. If that’s not enough, plants are reported to showcase a wealth of cream blushed flowers in spring before leaf emergence. This is a truly choice plant that’s sure to create a buzz amongst crazed collectors and plant geeks.

  • Species     Magnolia x
  • Zone     Zone 5
  • Size     1 Year Graft
  • Native     No
  • Cultivar     ‘Fran Smith’