Lupinus hartwegii nanus

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Product: Lupinus hartwegii nanus

Pixie Delight Dwarf Mixed Lupine

To leave the world more beautiful, plant Lupines

Miss. Rumphius followed her grandfather’s advice to “do something to leave the world more beautiful” by planting Lupines wherever she went. Although Miss. Rumphius is a children’s book character thought up by Barbara Cooney, we can continue her charming seed-bombing legacy by planting these colorful, native flowers. Pixie Delight Dwarf Mix is a shorter, bushier variety than other Lupines, and has an infinite combination of blue, pink, and white blooms on each zig-zaggy stalks. Although some Lupine varieties have a place in Native American diets, others have a level of toxicity that can be trouble, especially for livestock and other animals.