Llama Wool Knit Beanie Hat

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Product: Llama Wool Knit Beanie Hat
Color: Brown, Gray

Handknit in Bolivia, our baby llama wool beanie hat is less prone to piling thanks to its long wool fibers. Purl knit with cuff finish. Natural llama coat colors with no dyes. Available in Grey, Brown and Beige.

The uniform, tight purl stitch of this 100% baby llama wool beanie will keep your head cozy against drafts and chills. Designed in London, the hat is produced in Bolivia, which has an ancient tradition in knitting. 

The llama is Bolivia’s national animal, emblazoned on the country’s flag. Every spring, shearers cut wool from llamas using motorized hand scissors. They are careful not to trim the coats too short so that the llamas stay warm; a process that produces a soft, long fiber that is less prone to pills. 

The cut fleece is then sorted and graded according to length, quality and color. Wool is typically classified by microns, a measure that refers to the average fiber diameter (approximately one millionth of a meter): the smaller the count, the finer the fibers.

Baby llama wool is comparable to cashmere in its softness. The term “baby” refers to the classification group and the micron count (typically between 15 to 18) of the fibers taken from the animal–not necessarily if they were collected from a baby llama. In fact, it’s possible for much older llamas to continue to produce fibers that fall into the baby category.  

Fibers from the shoulders, sides and back of the animal are typically used for this beanie hat, since those areas are less exposed to the wear and tear from native brush and grass.

“‹The sorted fibers are washed and scoured to remove grease, dirt and other impurities to prepare for carding, combing and spinning. The finished yarn is then handknit into beanie hats.

  • Dimensions : One size fits all
  • Materials : 100% baby llama wool
  • Made in England & Bolivia