Live White Red Bleeding Heart Vine Plant

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Product: Live White Red Bleeding Heart Vine Plant
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Live White Red Bleeding Heart Vine Plant Clerondendren thomsoniae Plant

Wonderful old southern charmer, not to be confused with dicentras which are also commonly called ‘bleeding hearts’. This cultivar is in the Verbena family and is a semi tropical that is native to West Africa. Often seen in dappled shady corners of old Southern Landscapes. A loose open growing vine like shrub with large shiny blackish green leaves. Blooms are boughs of snow white calyxes from which a bright blood red ‘droplet’ that is actually corollae protrude. Legend has it that the plant sprung from the tears of a heart broken maiden, which just adds to it’s allure and charm. A wonderful plant for a meaningful and nostalgic gift.

  • Beautiful old popular heirloom plant
  • Showy, unique, unusual flowers
  • Snow White Balloon Blooms with Red ‘Hearts’
  • Hardy Zone 10 & South
  • Great gift