Leather Strap Tote Bag + Canvas Liner

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Product: Leather Strap Tote Bag + Canvas Liner
Retailer: byAMT
Designer: Donald Judd

Woven like a basket and tough like a backpack, byAMT’s leather strap tote makes hauling groceries and gear extra stylish. The construction is simultaneously durable and simple: belt straps held in place with copper-plated rivets. The Strap Tote design was dreamt up with collaborators Mimot Studio and manufactured in their studio in Los Angeles. The Strap Tote comes with a canvas liner with inner pocket. The canvas liner can be removed and washed or exchanged for another.

  • Material:Leather strapping and copper-plated rivets and canvas lining.
  • Measurements:20″ (incl. handle) x 14″ x 4″
  • Made in USA