Leafling Growing Paper

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Product: Leafling Growing Paper
Retailer: Crowdy House
Designer: Julian Hagen

You can order all letters of the alphabet and a heart shape. Just let me know which letters you want after your order.

LEAFLING is a new plant object consisting of handmade paper with incorporated plant seeds in the shape of letters and symbols. As soon as the paper pad is moistened, the seeds begin to germinate and grow as green letters or symbols. You don´t need any soil – just water, light and some time.

LEAFLING is an experimental object, designed from an interest in type design via vibrant growth processes, created by the Austrian graphic designer Julian Hagen. Light conditions, germination and seedling development, factors that cannot be calculated, are adopted as design principles that influence the legibility of each letter.

The user is invited to grow and take care of the LEAFLING, turning into a type gardener, watching each letter transform from regular to bold, from bold to ultra black… a surprise from A-Z.

All the materials are

  • 100% handmade
  • 100% biological
  • 100% decomposable

Julian Hagen is an Austrian graphic designer based in Vienna. After graduating from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam he works as an independent studio in the realm of graphic design and visual arrangement and structuring. The spectrum of work includes visual images, posters, editorial design, book designs and also web and screen design. In the working process, he is initiating, accompanying and implementing the entire process of design and production. LEAFLING is an experimental typographic project.