Leaf Composting Sacks

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Product: Leaf Composting Sacks
Retailer: Williams-Sonoma
  • The easiest way we’ve found to compost leaves and clippings is to rake them into this jute bag, then set it aside. There’s no need to turn, shred or rotate the leaves–once they’ve decomposed, simply dig the entire bag into the soil.

    • Requires no turning, amendments or heating.
    • Keeps raked leaves and clippings contained.
    • Biodegradable jute becomes part of the soil conditioner.
    • Takes approx. 1 year to decompose.
    • 21 1/2″ wide, 35 1/2″ high.
    • 14.11 oz.
    • Includes 2 bags.
    • Designed by a company in Sheffield, England, renowned for its high-quality gardening tools.