Lavender Lady Lilac Shrub

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Product: Lavender Lady Lilac Shrub
Retailer: Wayside Gardens

vulgaris Lavender Lady

Doesn’t need cold winters to bloom!

Lavender Lady blooms profusely in all parts of the country, even without undergoing the long, cold winters usually necessary to stimulate flower production in Lilacs. If you love Lilacs but have never been able to get them to flourish in your climate, this is the variety for you!

These highly fragrant, lavishly produced 6- to 9-inch flower spikes are crammed with lavender blooms, beautifully set off by rich green, heart-shaped leaves. A stunning sight in any setting, Lavender Lady is ideal for a front yard specimen, fragrant allee, or other position of honor!

12 to 15 feet high and 15 feet wide, this Lilac needs its space in the garden! Plant shrubs 15 feet apart in an airy location with full sun and well-drained soil. A yearly top-dressing of mulch, preferably well-composted manure, is beneficial. Zones 3-8. One-quart container. Cannot ship any Syringa to AZ.

  • Genus2 : Syringa
  • Species : vulgaris
  • Variety : Lavender Lady
  • Item Form : 1-quart
  • Zone : 3 – 8
  • BloomStartToEnd : Mid Spring – Late Spring
  • PlantHeight : 12 ft – 15 ft
  • PlantWidth : 15 ft
  • BloomSize : 6 in – 9 in