Large Olive Tree

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Product: Large Olive Tree
Retailer: Sur la Table

Large Olive Tree in Terra Cotta Pot

Enjoy fresh olives grown from your yard or house for years to come. Large European olive tree has a lifespan of up to hundreds of years and comec in a terra cotta pot.

After flowering in spring, the evergreen will produce black fruit. A complex curing process must be completed before the fruit is edible. Grown in the USA.

Instructions: Water the plant immediately upon arrival. Let the soil dry slightly between watering. Plant in partial shade outdoors in a pot, or full sun outdoors in the ground. Bring indoors in temperatures below 15°F. Place in a sunny spot by an open window indoors. Unfortunately we are unable to ship this item to Alaska or Hawaii.

  • Includes: Large European olive tree in terra cotta pot
  • Care: Water regularly and do not allow to dry out
  • Grow delicious olives from the comfort of your home.
  • Tree’s lifespan is up to hundreds of years.
  • Grown in the USA.