Kitchen Essays

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Product: Kitchen Essays
Designer: Agnes Jekyll
Retailer: Amazon

ISBN 9781903155189

The author of Kitchen Essays (1922) was sister-in-law to the great Gertrude Jekyll, whose biographer wrote that if she “˜was an artist-gardener, then Agnes was an artist-housekeeper.’ Agnes was a famous hostess (the guests at her first dinner party included Browning, Ruskin and Burne-Jones) and her home, Munstead House, “˜was the apogee of opulent comfort and order without grandeur, smelling of pot-pourri, furniture polish and wood smoke’.

During 1921-2 (the now) Lady Jekyll wrote unsigned essays for The Times with titles such as “˜Tray Food’ and “˜Sunday Supper’. The Observer Food Magazine commended “˜lovely Persephone Books’ for reprinting Kitchen Essays, India Knight in The Shops called it “˜beautifully written, sparkling, witty and knowing, an absolute delight to read’, while the BBC Food Magazine praised “˜this exquisitely reprinted period piece’.