Juniper – Blue Point

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Product: Juniper – Blue Point

Hardy Pyramidal Evergreen with Exceptional Color

  • 3 Gallon

Blue Point Juniper is an evergreen shrub with exceptional color.  You can plant one anywhere it will create a prominent focal point in your landscape, but its use for borders, windbreaks and hedges is especially beneficial.

If you have a spot in your yard where a dense, tall living hedge would be useful, this is the shrub for you!

Your Blue Point Juniper has a medium-sized pyramidal growth habit with extremely dense branching that consistently provides beautiful blue-green foliage.

You’ll find this to be a cold hardy juniper with a solid structure and lovely color that endures throughout your winter months.

Blue Point Juniper matures to a pyramidal 15-30′ high with a spread of 10′.  It can withstand drought and windy conditions better than most upright junipers, and will perform well even when not in full sun.

An annual trimming will help your Blue Point to maintain a neat yet natural form, but it will look great even without pruning.

It’s deer resistant, so need to worry about the devastation that foraging can sometimes cause other garden plants.

A handsome evergreen with stately form and lovely blue-green color, the Blue Point Juniper is an outstanding choice among evergreen shrubs.

  • Family     Juniperus chinensis ‘Blue Point’
  • Foliage     Blue Green
  • Mature Height     15 – 30 feet
  • Mature Spread     10 feet
  • Soil     Well drained
  • Zones     4-9
  • Moisture     Dry to average
  • Mature Form     Upright, pyramidal
  • Growth Rate     Moderate
  • Sun Exposure     Full Sun to partial shade
  • Fall Color     Blue green
  • Large Pyramidal Form
  • Blue-green color
  • Dense Foliage
  • Hardy