Joseph Bentley Garden Trug

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Product: Joseph Bentley Garden Trug
Retailer: Park Seed

Great for cutflowers, herbs, and seed sowing supplies!

Fine equipment from the best name in garden tools!

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may . . . and do it in a traditional wood trug from respected garden tool firm Joseph Bentley! This wide, shallow, curved 2-handled basket is ideal for everything from long-stemmed roses to lavender stalks, hollyhock wands, and assorted herbs. It also makes the perfect carryall for vegetables, seed packets, labels and markers, and small garden tools of all kinds. In other words, it will save you countless trips back and forth from the shed to the border each day!

Made of slender, strong wooden slats finished in a dark hue, this basket offers two rounded handles for easier weight distribution. It is 21 inches long, a bit more than a foot wide, and 6 inches high without the handles. That’s a nice wide and deep space to fill, and you will be surprised just how much the trug holds.

So whether you use it for weeding, sowing seeds directly into the warm spring soil, harvesting peas and loose-leaf lettuce and all your herbs, or cutting fine long-stemmed flowers all summer, the trug will serve you well for many, many seasons. Enjoy this fine work of craftsmanship from one of the best names in the business.