Indigo Shibori Kit

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Product: Indigo Shibori Kit
Retailer: Botanical Colors

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at an indigo vat but were concerned about the harsh chemicals?

Learn to create your own non-toxic indigo vat using natural indigo, simple fruit sugar and pickling lime.  These three items are  the ingredients to create one of the most mysterious and popular colors in the world using a quick and easy fermentation method that has been popularized by French dye master Michel Garcia.  In a few quick steps, the indigo solution is mixed and then allowed to rest.  Meanwhile, learn some simple Japanese shibori patterning and get ready to start creating beautiful tee shirts and gifts.

Our Indigo Shibori Kit features enough indigo to dye about a dozen cotton socks, or 6 tee shirts. Each kit comes complete with indigo, fruit sugar, food grade pickling lime and a pair of gloves.  We also include rubber bands, string and pebbles to make unique designs.   The kit comes wrapped in a hand dyed shibori patterned cloth that may be used as a wrapper or part of your indigo designs.  Instructions included.