Household Essentials Retractable 5 Line Clothesline

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Product: Household Essentials Retractable 5 Line Clothesline

The Household Essentials Retractable 5 Line Clothesline packs the same line space as similar units costing twice as much!

The lightweight, heavy-duty, moisture proof case keeps your clothesline dry and neatly concealed. You can extend the 5 parallel lines up to 34 feet for a total of 170 feet of straight, usable line and the tightening knob keeps the lines taut and tangle free at any distance in-between.

The vinyl-coated polyester core drying line can be easily replaced and the manufacturer will replace parts for up to 10 years! You can mount it on any appropriate outdoor post including a metal post made specifically for this dryer (sold separately) or a wall.

The included receiving bracket is mounted on an opposite wall or post, then you simply pull out the lines as needed and totally retract them when not in use. It is great for balconies, basements, porches, laundry rooms as well as outdoors.

It is also a super choice for those that are restricted from having permanent clotheslines, because it retracts out of site.

Unit Size: 38″L x 9″H x 7″D