Household and Charcuterie Twine

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Product: Household and Charcuterie Twine
brand: Crown Twine

100 percent cotton twine for sausage-making and charcuterie. Good ‘ol twine for everything else. Made in Rockford, Tennessee, and packaged by Crown Twine in Queens.

Crown sausage twine is made according to FDA specifications to be used with food. Unlike so-called kitchen twines, it is made from only 100 percent, never adulterated, unbleached cotton. The individual threads run the entire length of the cord, so it is uniform and strong. Unlike twines made from other materials it will never melt or shed stray fibers.

Crown twines are produced by A & A Line Corp., a company based just down the road from our offices in Bushwick, Brooklyn. They have been producing all sorts of cordage since 1963.

  • Made of 100 percent cotton
  • Length 840 feet
  • Made in Rockford, TN