Hobo Lantern

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Product: Hobo Lantern
Retailer: molostore
Color: White

hobo is a family of bags. Carry it, carry things in it, light it up!

There are two kinds of hobo – hobo lantern and hobo felt bag. hobo lantern is a portable luminary inspired by the urban nightlife of Zona Tortona during design week. hobo lantern comes to life with an energy-efficient LED light source glowing through its delicate pattern of translucent fibres.

hobo lantern and hobo felt bag are available with cork peg – a magnetic mounting system that can be used to hang the bags

At home you can choose to plug hobo into a regular power outlet or use the portable battery pack included (everything included except batteries.) hobo lantern battery pack uses 8 AA batteries.

hobo felt bag is made from natural felted wool and is available in natural heathered grey or black. The elliptical base transitions to meet in a straight line at the bag’s opening which fastens with hidden magnets. This geometry creates a generous three-dimensional volume that is both visually unique and practical in its capacity. The bag’s durable construction and sturdy but soft material allows it to be used for carrying a heavy load of books, groceries, or as a carry-all day bag. felt bag can be comfortably carried over-the-shoulder or used as a handbag. Use the pocket inside to hold smaller items such as phone and pens.