Herniaria glabra

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Product: Herniaria glabra

Green Carpet Rupturewort

The nursery industry calls it Green Carpet and well they should. This lovely bright green creeper spreads effortlessly in all directions filling up to two feet per plant. A fairly flat plant of about two inches, it has one long tap root (as opposed to many surface roots like a Creeping Thyme) which helps with water conservation. It likes full sun but it can take partial shade. Related to Carnations and Dianthus (or Pinks), the lowly Green Carpet must be the black sheep of the Caryophyllaceae family because I have never seen it flower, although I have read that it makes tiny flowers without petals? I figure if I have to use a hand lens, then the flowers can’t be much. However, the lack of flower in a ground cover can sometimes be a benefit. Bees can be a problem on flowering thymes that are in walkways. Plus, without flowers there is never the ‘clean up period’ that follows bloom time.

  • Height: 3 Inches
  • Hardiness: Perennial in Zone 7-11
  • Flower Color: None
  • Characteristics: Full/
  • Partial Sun, Evergreen
  • Uses: Ornamental Groundcover, Medicinal