Heavybilt Country Estate Mailbox

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Product: Heavybilt Country Estate Mailbox
Color: Blue

Heavybilt Country Estate Mailboxes are available in nine colors and three sizes. [Example color links below right show available photos only, including other Heavybilt models] They are fabricated using modern robotic technology and state-of-the-art tooling. Heavybilt Mailboxes are:

  • Constructed of 12 Gauge High Strength (Certified Premium) Steel (“B-75” Rockwell Hardness)
  • Will support between 14,760 and 21,780 lbs. of direct weight.
  • Mailbox flag has industrial grade nylon bushing to insure smooth life-long operation, and stainless steel fasteners.
  • 3 stage automotive grade finish:
    • Black Oxide Undercoat
    • Baked on Electro-coatBaked on High Strength Polyurethane Powder Coat with UV Protection for life-long beauty
    • Mailbox has a Full-width/Full-Travel heavy duty stainless steel hinge with a stainless steel hinge pin that won’t rust.
  • Recessed door design prevents mailbox from freezing shut during winter months.
  • Approved by Postmaster General.

Prices range from $93.00 to $189.00