Heat-Activated Fabric Dressing

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Product: Heat-Activated Fabric Dressing
Retailer: Otter Wax
brand: Otter Wax

Our Fabric Dressing is best-suited for those looking to achieve a “˜Factory-Waxed’ appearance. The application process contains a few more steps than our wax bars, but the extra effort yields great results. Applying hot wax penetrates into fabrics and dramatically reduces cure time. Our Fabric Dressing is perfect for those waterproofing unwaxed items, but it’s also a great option for those that want to use an all-natural wax treatment to re-proof their factory-waxed and oiled jackets. Applies easily when melted with a natural-bristle paint brush, soft cloth, and some elbow grease.

  • Net Wt. 11oz