Hazel Trellis

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Product: Hazel Trellis
Designer: Clare Harris
Retailer: Hen & Hammock
Made by local artist Clare Harris who binds together locally coppiced hazel stakes with willow ‘withies’ to make beautiful garden objects.
The trellis itself is a work of art, but it is also functional. For clmbing plants that are struggling to make it up a wall or fence, the trellis provides much needed support. Ideal for cucumbers, tomatoes and small clemetis.
Typically 115 x 55cm, but sizes vary a little
Coppicing is an ancient custom for maintaining the health of fast growing woodland whilst at the same time yielding valuable wood for making a wide range of products from baskets to bean poles. By purchasing a hazel trellis, you are helping to support this imporant tradition.