Haws Watering Can

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Product: Haws Watering Can
Color: Green, Silver
brand: Haws

In the days before in-ground irrigation systems, everything — from family garden patches to rows and rows of commercial produce — needed to be hand-watered. Responding to the need for variety, John Haws honed the watering can to specifications fit for a professional. In 1885, Haws filed a patent for an improved watering can, selling to glasshouse nurseries and sprawling country estates.

The basic design behind the Haws watering can has changed little since. For a watering can, proportion and balance are key, and from spout to base, Haws cans are designed to tilt easily without spilling. Water is heavy, and the long, single handle running front to back allows for two-handed lifting when the can is full. The tall neck prevents water from sloshing out when held at a steep angle, as does the domed lid. A narrow spout produces a steady and restrained stream of water to prevent flooding the plant. Haws watering cans come with a detachable brass rose that diffuses the water into a fine spray for seedlings and other delicate jobs. Made of robust steel that resists denting and puncturing, the cans are also hot-dipped in zinc to prevent rusting.

The compact oval shape of the cans makes them easier to store and carry. Watering cans are available in 5- or 8-liter sizes, in green or lacquered steel gray.


  • 5 liter (1.3 gallons) with oval rose (wide spray)
  • 8 liter (2.1 gallons) with round rose (narrow spray)
  • Replacement oval rose (fits 5 liter only)
  • Replacement round rose (fits 8 liter only)

Material : Steel dipped in hot zinc, brass rose