Handmade Sussex Garden Trug

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Product: Handmade Sussex Garden Trug

Gardening basket made in England from Sweet Chestnut and Cricket Bat Willow wood. Solid copper tacks and copper clout nails. Fabricated according to traditional methods since 1829. Measures 20″ long, with a depth of 11″.

Few sights could be more charming than an armful of daffodils, or a clutch of English roses spilling from the likes of the classic English gardening vessel known as the trug. And what could be more practical for carrying your harvest of heirloom peppers, tomatoes, and peas from the farm to the table?

Handmade in England since 1829, Thomas Smith of Herstmonceux, East Sussex, England created this modern, lightweight vessel as an update to the much older Anglo-Saxon “trog,” a heavy, boat-shaped wooden basket used by farmers until the mid-1600s. When Queen Victoria discovered Smith’s trugs at an exhibition in London in 1851, she personally placed an order and bestowed an official royal stamp of approval, thus the name, “Royal Sussex Trug.”

  • SIZE 20 inches long (51 cm) 11 inches deep (28 cm)
  • MATERIAL Handle and Rim: Sweet Chestnut Boards: Cricket Bat Willow Solid copper tacks Copper clout nails
  • MADE IN England