Handmade Rothers Garden Trug

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Product: Handmade Rothers Garden Trug

Gardening basket made by hand in England from weatherproof Latvian and Finnish Birch plywood. Solid brass pins and screws, copper tacks, and galvanized nails. Made in England since 1829. Measures 20″ long, with a depth of 11″.

As long as there have been fields that needed picking, there have been receptacles made for gathering. We’ll happily heave this modern Birch plywood trug for an afternoon of gathering goodies from the garden.

Based on the design for the traditional trug [link: Traditional Royal Sussex Garden Trug] invented in 1829 by Thomas Smith of Herstmonceux, East Sussex, England, this contemporary version is made from weatherproof Latvian and Finnish birch plywood, merging a traditional, functional design with an updated look and feel that is clean and simple.

Though the materials are different from the 1829 original, the same basic production process remains the same. Latvian birch plywood is bent and shaped into the handle and trug rim, while boards of thick Finnish plywood (the same ultra-durable wood once used in Mosquito airplanes) are shaped into a sturdy base. The entirety is then sanded for a smooth and sleek finish, ensuring a splinter free gardening session.

Durable and light enough to cradle on your arm while you gather greenery in the garden, these trugs also make a delightful tabletop centerpiece when filled with flowers, or an attractive repository for your odds and ends.


  • 21 inches long (52 cm)
  • 11 inches deep (28 cm)


  • Handle and Rim: Latvian Birch plywood
  • Boards: Finnish Birch plywood
  • Solid brass pins
  • Solid brass screws
  • Galvanized nails
  • Solid copper tacks

MADE IN England