Kekkilä Green Light

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Product: Kekkilä Green Light
Retailer: Finnish Design
brand: Kekkilä
Designer: Linda Bergroth

The Green Light, designed by Linda Bergroth, helps you to grow healthy green herbs and salads around the year. The optimal wavelenght of light ensures the plants to get enough light even in darker seasons. Under the Green Light it is easy to grow herbs, sprouts and salad greens. In the spring the extra light helps you to grow strong seedlings. The adjustable light is easy to move closer to plants. Excess water is collected in the tray, which also protects the surfaces at home. The Green Light is made of painted steel and beech.

  • Manufacturer : Kekkilí¤
  • Design : Linda Bergroth
  • Size : 63 x 60 x 23 cm
  • Material : Beech, painted steel
  • Color : White, beech