Graham Thomas Climbing

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Product: Graham Thomas Climbing

Probably the best known of all the English Roses and one of the most popular roses in the world. “˜Graham Thomas’ has been voted the World’s Favourite Rose by the World Federation of Rose Societies (WFRS) which represents over 100,000 rose lovers in 41 member countries. The award was announced at the 2009 World Rose Convention in Vancouver, when the rose was inducted into the society’s “˜Rose Hall of Fame’.
Medium-sized, cup-shaped flowers of an unusually rich and pure yellow that is hard to match in any other roses. A vigorous, upright variety that makes a particularly good climber, both in beauty and performance.
The fragrance is fresh tea rose with a cool violet character. It was awarded the Henry Edland medal for fragrance in 2000.
Ideal when grown on a wall where it will repeat flower in several flushes.

  • 10 – 12 ft as a climber.
  • Category : Climbing and Rambler Roses (Climbing Roses)
  • Bred By     David Austin
  • Color     Rich Yellow
  • Flower Type     Double/Full Bloom
  • Size     Short Climber
  • Hardiness     Hardy
  • Fragrance     Tea
  • Strong
  • Repeating     Good
  • Special Characteristics     Superb as a climber. Won the James Mason Award from the R.N.R.S 2000