Gourmet Fig Trees

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Product: Gourmet Fig Trees

Wildcat Ridge Farm is a small, family operated, certified North Carolina nursery. We supply fruit gardeners directly from the farm!

Our specialty is growing beautiful container-grown, ready to bear fruit, Fig trees.

Our fig trees are second year trees, container grown with a well developed root system, ready to transplant to your garden or container.

The fig is a successful home garden fruit for a broad range of climates.

The fig is a member of the mulberry family. It’s cultivation dates back over 4500 years to Egypt. In the 1700’s, the Spanish brought them to their Mexican colonies into what is now California. Commercial growing began in the 1880’s.

Botanically identified as Ficus Carical, it is unique in a genus embracing perhaps over 1000 species, mostly giant “Rubber Trees”, and mostly tropical. It is almost universally known simply as “Fig”. The name is very similar in French (Figue), German (Feige), Italian and Portuguese (Figo) and Spanish (Higo or Breva).

Fig Varieties Available:

  • Brown Turkey
  • Italian White Everberring
  • Celeste
  • Kadota
  • Patricks Supergiant
  • Black Jack
  • Desert King