Garden Seat with Aluminium Arm-Rest

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Product: Garden Seat with Aluminium Arm-Rest
brand: Fermob
Color: Green, Red
Retailer: Manufactum
  • Easy to stack, compact, light chair with arm rests.
  • Varnished aluminum.
  • Height 85.5 cm, width 65 cm, depth 56 cm. Seat height 45.5 cm, seat surface area 38.5 x 38.5 cm.
  • Weight 5 kg.

Preserved through daily use. Garden furniture from the Jardin du Luxembourg.

Fermob conceived this garden furniture as seating for Paris’ Jardin du Luxembourg, where these chairs stand to this day; they have been preserved as furniture for public use. With their well-proportioned measurements, they are an aesthetic enjoyment, and, simultaneously, they are very comfortable, which you’ll notice after sitting for a while. Made of aluminum, they are absolutely rustproof and easy to maintain; similarly, they can be moved with little effort to any location, due to their light weight. Moreover, the garden chairs can be stacked so that large quantities can be stored in a space saving manner – this is an advantage which the city of Paris has made use of; also, they are cheaper for a garden owner.

Fermob. French garden furniture par excellence.

Many companies are proud of the fact that they are able to combine tradition and progress under one roof; of course, only a very few have the history and potential to do so. One of them is Fermob in France, which has produced since 1889 outdoor furniture – for parks, gardens, and restaurants. Its famous bistro furniture has, for example, experienced almost no visible changes for over 100 years. On the other hand, Fermob has always been up to date in things related to technology, processing, and material. For example, with regard to varnishing, Fermob provides for an all-encompassing rust and color protection due to the countless operational stages the material undergoes. The thinking behind this: whatever provides automobiles with long-lasting rust protection should also be effective with furniture. Therefore, Fermob uses only steel and aluminum of first-rate quality, and using high protection treatment, it makes sure that the furniture manufactured from the material does not have to be repainted during use. Through 13 phases of a self-developed (and therefore cannot be made known to the public) process, the metal is treated against corrosion. Finally, a special powder is applied electrostatically which itself penetrates into the smallest cracks and makes the fresh colors UV-resistant; afterwards, it is oven-fired at very high temperatures. A so-called cataphoretic treatment (a cathodic dip-paint coating) completes the process. Manufactured in this way, Fermob furniture can winter outdoors without any problems and requires no additional protection. Attention: Please make sure that they are not covered with plastic. To clean, you can wash off the furniture with water and natural soap.

It greens so … differently.

This season, a somewhat lighter color tone adorns the green-varnished garden furniture from Fermob. After almost 20 years, a fresh coat has now been given to the traditional, deep green; we do need to state that this new coat does differ from the old color tone. If you did want to add to a furniture set you have already started and therefore wanted garden seating that was created in the last few years, please contact our customer service center. We still have a limited quantity of the old green available. Delivery would take place after the order has arrived, and as long as our supply still exists.