Galvanized Steel Balcony Box Brackets

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Product: Galvanized Steel Balcony Box Brackets
Retailer: Manufactum

For 8-15 cm wide balcony rails. Galvanized steel. Thickness of material 5.5 mm. Height 22.5 cm, width 2 cm, depth 18 cm. Weight 1.2 kg.

Great workmanship. Flexible and durable.

A pair of hanging brackets to take your balcony boxes. Very well made, and adjustable to the width of your balcony rail. Plus: these brackets will also hold extra-long or extra-heavy boxes. They’re after all 5.5 mm thick and made to carry a heavy load. Made to fit not only our “˜Eternit’ boxes, but most other boxes up to 18 cm in depth.