Galfan Wire Leaf Composter

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Product: Galfan Wire Leaf Composter
Retailer: Manufactum

A wire basket made of 3-mm-thick galfan wire (also used for gabions). The manufacturer provides a 20-year no-rust guarantee. Put your autumn leaves into it and it will give you good compost in due course. The open wire mesh allows the air to circulate through the mass of leaves as it gets hotter, and it quickly reduces to a mulch that you can use as it is, or – mixed with cut grass, bone meal and chopped twigs – to make leaf compost with. This is the ideal form of earth to grow root and pot-plants on.
Easy to put up and take apart; the front can be lowered to get the compost out. Steel wire with zinc-aluminium coating. 4 mats (96 x 80.5 cm) and four corner rods (length 86.5 cm, 3.8 mm in diameter). Weight 7.5 kg.