Galanthus elwesii

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Product: Galanthus elwesii

Giant Snowdrop. This is both the largest and the earliest of the Snowdrops. The blooms stay closed on cloudy days and flare widely in sunshine, looking for all the world like neat little Arctic seabirds. Heirloom, 1894.

The species in this small genus bloom very early, and their graceful white flowers are extremely welcome in a landscape as the snow retreats. They thrive in rich, woodsy soil and show best in deciduous shade, under bushes or trees or along woodland paths. Like other members of the Amaryllis family, Snowdrops are avoided by deer and voles.

  • Common Name: Snowdrop
  • Hardiness Zone:4-8 S / 4-9 W
  • Height: 6-8″
  • Exposure: Full or Part Sun
  • Blooms In: March-April
  • Spacing: 3″
  • Ships as: Bulb