French Bean ‘Blauhilde’ Climbing

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Product: French Bean ‘Blauhilde’ Climbing
Retailer: Sarah Raven

French Bean ‘Blauhilde Climbing’ is one of the most versatile beans you can grow. You can eat the purple beans tender and small or – if you miss some – they are then delicious shelled and eaten as flageolet beans with lamb and plenty of garlic.

French beans are almost always best on their own, in splendid isolation or mixed with other things. But, they need to be fresh – you can tell because they smell very clean and will snap in half sharply.

Very prolific and long-cropping.

Easy for beginners

  • Product Code: 110053
  • Quantity: 25 seeds
  • Variety: French Bean ‘Blauhilde Climbing’
  • Type: Half-Hardy Annual
  • Site: Any soil type will do, in full sun.
  • Sowing: Soak seed for half an hour before sowing. Sow under cover from April or direct sow outside (5cm deep) after the last frosts from mid May to July.
  • Height: 180cm (6ft)
  • Spacing: Plant out seedlings (in late May) when they are 5cm tall, spacing them 25cm apart, against their support cane.
  • Care tips: Pinch out the tops once the plant has grown to 6ft in height. Support with canes.
  • Harvest: From July – October. Best picked often and before you can see the bean seed shape inside, at about 10-12cm in length. This variety produces for a longer period than dwarf varieties.
  • Cooking Notes: Save the flageolet beans inside to dry and use in stews. Do not eat the pods raw, as they contain harmful toxins. To cook, top and tail and place in boiling water, to cook until tender. These also freeze well.