French Army Collapsing Linen Bucket

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Product: French Army Collapsing Linen Bucket
Color: Natural

While on a European sourcing trip, we crossed paths with a noted dealer of rare military artifacts who turned us on to his recent acquisition of a seemingly common–but also exquisitely fabricated and extremely useful–”équipement de guerre”. The canvas bucket is a tried and true concept, but seldom will you find one sewn from such a heavy linen fabric. Or reinforced with a rope bottom. Commissioned in the 1950s by the French military, our Collapsing Linen Bucket makes for a great addition to camp or home, as it’s a handy vessel for carrying tools, foraged fruits, and water for dousing the campfire. And like the French Army, these buckets will collapse, which makes for easy storage. In limited supply.

Linen fabric is often associated with light weight apparel for warm weather, but historically it has been used for more demanding applications. One of the oldest fabrics known to mankind, linen is perfectly suited to aprons, bags, and even upholstery. Good enough to haul water, a tightly woven linen like the type found in our Collapsing Linen Bucket will stand up to years of wear and will not disappoint.

Please note: because these are vintage pieces, each one is unique, and may have signs of light wear that will not effect integrity.     

  • Collapsible & crush-proof 
  • Linen (canvas weave)
  • Capacity: 240 oz/7 L/ 1.8 Gallons
  • Diameter – 9″
  • Length – 11″ taught, 10.5″ sitting
  • Length with Handle – 16.5″
  • Circumference at top and bottom – 26.5″
  • Made in France