Finnish Wooden Notch Ball

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Product: Finnish Wooden Notch Ball
Retailer: Lovi

Lovi-pallo (L), halk. 6cm

Kits tree balls. Postcard packs . The packaging of wire and illustrated instructions . Two sizes , four colors . Hang the tree or Notch – trees. Attention agree sizes .

sizes ( dia. ) :

  • 4cm (S)
  • 6cm (L)

packaging sizes / weights:

  • 9cm x 13,6cm (S) / 25g
  • 12.5 cm x 23cm (L) / 65g

colors: white, light green, pink, dark red

Combine Lovi trees

4cm ball ( S ) is ideal for medium-sized (M) and large (L) Notch – trees and -kuusiin (non- small – notch trees / kuusiin ) .

6cm ball is suitable only for large (L) Notch – trees and -kuusiin .