Fiber Grow Greenhouse Kit

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Product: Fiber Grow Greenhouse Kit

20 Pellet Greenhouse Kit. An easy way to start seedlings while being environmentally friendly. Pour 32 oz. of warm water over the coir pellets, which will expand. Drain the water, gently press a few seeds into each pellet, lightly water, and set the greenhouse in a warm and bright location (not in direct sunlight). Fiber Grow coir pellets provide an ideal environment for the roots to grow into. When the plants have grown and roots have penetrated the walls of the pellet, remove the weaker plants leaving only one strong plant per pellet. After 5-6 weeks, plants are ready to transplant directly outdoors, if the weather permits. Kits Include: Reusable Greenhouse Tray and Greenhouse Dome Cover, 20 Fiber Grow Pellets. 10″ x 8″ x 3″ high with dome in position.