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Product: Fennel

A Florentine fennel that stays small & tender, resists bolting & has a multitude of culinary uses! Fennel is a vegetable delicacy that’s not particularly familiar to most of us, but there’s nothing like it & if you’re experimenting with the wonders of edible gardening, you must try it! Fennel is high in protein, low in calories & delicious grilled with a bit of parmesan. Like the wild fennel that’s common throughout California, the leaves can be eaten, as well as the seeds & stems, but it’s the swollen bulbous base of the plant that this variety is known for & what distinguishes it from its weedy kin. Plant in sun & in well drained rich soil. Provide average to regular water so that the bulbs will form properly. Great habitat plant, too! Harvest before flowering. Grows to 24” tall – space 1’. 80-85 days to maturity.